Digital Solutions

Havalah tech

Technology provision

Havalah digital solutions component focuses on working with Liberia schools in rural areas to provide tech resources and training for teachers to build their capacity to provide quality training to students.

Provision of technology resources and training to students for the enhancement of their learning

Key Outcome: Learning of students is improved as evidenced by improved grades, and increased capacity to conduct research and access relevant information globally.

Havalah Tech also works in rural communities to provide access to technology and solutions to women and young girls to improve their incomes and their livelihoods.

Technology projects

Digital SMEs Clinic

The SME Clinic delivers visionary business solutions to pioneering entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprises, inspiring them to create the next generation of global brands. The initiative will make the collaboration of SMEs with Digital Enablers possible , whose needs for digitalisation match their expertise, with two weeks of desk work plus a visit of two weeks to the company’s offices.

Girls Can Code

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. We’re building the largest pipeline of future female engineers in App and SDGs Innovations.

Tech for Change

Many people become engineers or designers because they hope to change the world for the better using technology. But technology as a tool for social change has a complex track record, filled with unintended consequences. This supports usage of ideas that are value-driven and help creators consider the politics of the technologies we use and which we bring into the world.

FinTech for Women

We support the usage of mobile technologies that can help the livelihood of women in emerging markets to improve their lives. We also seek to reflect the customers we serve and the broader societies within which we operate in accelerating target for the unbanked.

Digital Schools

We believe that educating students on the SDGs is very important for a broader and holistic understanding of the challenges we are facing currently to live more sustainably and better grasp the impact our actions have. Yet, as a professor, we also see that there is not always the time to include this topic in your individual teaching.

Tech 4 Development

Tech For Development -T4D offers tech consultancy and capacity building to individuals, SMEs, learning institutions, development agencies and governments. The Tech4D makes understanding of technology and how it can work available for citizens across Liberia.


Other activities

Off-Grid Energy

Under the energy component, Havalah partners with development partners as well as the private sector to launch and implement various off-grid energy projects in delivering energy solutions using solar, wind, hydro, and biogas technologies.

Climate change

Earth’s average temperature has risen approximately one degree Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. By the end of this century, it will be several degrees higher, according to the latest climate research.