Environment & climate change

Global warming

Climate change

Earth’s average temperature has risen approximately one degree Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. By the end of this century, it will be several degrees higher, according to the latest climate research.

But global warming is doing more than simply making things a little warmer. It’s changing rainfall, causing heat waves, and making sea level rise, all of which create human suffering.

The abilities of communities in diverse regions to bounce back and adapt to the impacts of climate change must be taken advantage of. the need for urgent action cannot be overemphasized. The effect of climate change on indigenous communities, the destruction of the fragile natural environment, and the conflict between humans as a result must be focused and actions taken.

The effect on the Sea; its acidification, impact on fishing, people’s livelihoods, and food security. The potential for flooding and its attendant impact for displacements would have huge impacts on the economy and Climate change is a proven fact, but as individuals, we can slow down global warming by implementing small more sustainable actions within our community.

Other activities

Digital Solutions

We focus on streamlining technology, unlocking markets and accelerating the rate at which others can deploy digitally enabled services with ease of REUSE

Off-Grid Energy

Under the energy component, Havalah partners with development partners as well as the private sector to launch and implement various off-grid energy projects in delivering energy solutions using solar, wind, hydro, and biogas technologies.